Champion Professional Steel Coated Frame Wet Mop - Champion Professional

Wet Mop

Steel Coated Frame Wet Mop

Top quality cleaning mops suitable for general cleaning purpose. Made of high quality aluminium alloy handle, lightweight and durable with Cotton 100% for best absorption and cleaning. Wet mop can provide the best result of general floor cleaning, using with cleaning chemical to wipe the floor to kill germs and reduce contaminants.

  • Suitable for all types of floor especilly in wide area.
  • Size 8″ and 10″ convenience using in wide area.
  • Aluminium alloy handle 1.50 M., high quality found, strong and durable, rustless, lightweight, and firm grip.
  • Steel head with zinc coated mop head for rust resisting, available at 8″ and 10″ size, flexible and durable, and quick change mop.
  • Using with Wet mop part size 8″ and 10″
  • 100% High quality Cotton yarn – High absorption and best cleaning.


No.Steel Coated Frame Wet MopSizeMop ColorHandle LengthPack
321008Set 8” w/ 300 g. mop8”White1.50 M6
321108Set 8” w/ 350 g. mop8”White1.50 M6
321208Set 8” w/ 400 g. mop8”White1.50 M6
321210Set 10” w/ 400 g. mop10”White1.50 M6
323008Frame w/ Handle 8”8”-1.50 M6
323010Frame w/ Handle10”10”-1.50 M6