Cleaning equipments

Floor Sign

This floor sign fits right onto any janitor supply cart. It is great for cleaning restrooms, and other rooms, that need to be closed to clean or inform caution wet floor. Warn your customers, and employees, that this room is closed for cleaning and cannot be entered. This sign is two-sided, stands 25″ tall, and says closed in English. We do have other floor sign available in our caution, closed, & wet floor signs category.

  • Made of durable ABS plastic
  • Available in standard floor sign and customize sign (depend on quantity)

Standard Floor Sign

  • Do not enter + Cleaning in progress (Eng + Thai)
  • Caution wet floor + Cleaning in progress (Eng + Thai)
  • Caution wet floor (Eng)


No.Floor SignColorDimensionPack
440000Do not enter + Cleaning in progress (Eng + Thai)YellowH 61 CM. x W 27 CM.12
441000Caution wet floor + Cleaning in progress (Eng + Thai)YellowH 61 CM. x W 27 CM.12
442000Caution wet floor (Eng)YellowH 61 CM. x W 27 CM.12

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