Champion Professional Escalator Sweeper - Champion Professional

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Escalator Sweeper

Escalator sweeper actually help to clean escalator or travelator in minutes. Safe time and money Just one person operational and stopping the escalator is not required. No external power source needed. Lightweight design makes it easy to transport and simple to store.

  • Nylon fibre (PP) High quality and easy to use. Available in 2 type
    • Hard Fibre (red/blue) Suitable for wastrel
    • Soft Fibre (yellow) Suitable for general dust
  • Available in 2 sizes : 75 CM and 100 CM


No.Escalator SweeperHead sizeNylon ColorPack
450001Standard w/ Hard nylon75 CM.Red6
450002Standard w/ soft nylon75 CM.Yellow6
450003*Standard w/ Hard nylon75 CM.Blue6
451001Large w/ Hard nylon100 CM.Red6
451002Large w/ soft nylon100 CM.Yellow6
451003*Large w/ Hard nylon100 CM.Blue6
* Blue nylon is special order