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Dust Mop

Steel Coated Frame Dust Mop

For better cleaning of smooth surface. Dust is collected and retained by static cling and the unique twisted yarn in the Synergy dust mop. The mops don’t have to be treated so they don’t add to the oil in wash water effluent that needs special treatment. The mops are made with tough polyester backing that lasts longer and doesn’t shrink. Synergy mops offer the look and performance of cotton mops with the advantages of synthetic yarn – the best combination of performance

  • Aluminium alloy handle 1.50 M., high quality found, strong and durable, rustless, lightweight, and firm grip.
  • Tough steel coated 180° joint, flexible and durable
  • Steel coated frame, flexible and durable, and quick change mop.
  • Available 18″, 24″ and 30″
  • High density Cotton-Synthetic yarn – best in cleaning and absorbing dust.
  • Super strong plastic connector resists to all chemical and rustless.


No.Steel Coated Frame Dust MopSizeHandle LengthPack
311018Set 18” / ชุด 18"18”x 4”1.50 M6
311024Set 24” / ชุด 24"24”x 4”1.50 M6
311030Set 30” / ชุด 30"30”x 4”1.50 M6
312018Dust Mop Cloth 18” / อะไหล่ผ้า 18"18”x 4”-6
312024Dust Mop Cloth 24” / อะไหล่ผ้า 24"24”x 4”-6
312030Dust Mop Cloth 30” / อะไหล่ผ้า 30"30”x 4”-6
313018Frame w/ Handle 18” / อะไหล่ด้าม 18"18”x 4”1.50 M6
313024Frame w/ Handle 24” / อะไหล่ด้าม 24"24”x 4”1.50 M6
313030Frame w/ Handle 30” / อะไหล่ด้าม 30"30”x 4”1.50 M6