Single disc

BURNO – Floor Burnisher 1500 RPM

BURNO Floor burnisher machine 1500 RPM is ideally used to add maximum deep mirror shine. Floor burnisher machine is the economical solution to bring back crystal shine on all surfaces with consuming less time and polishing spray. Floor burnisher machine designed with an even-weighted allowing smooth working process.

Floor Burnisher Features

  • Ultra quite Direct-Drive transmission system
  • Extra thick, polymer coated handle – firm and reduce static electricity.
  • Adjustable starlock fully folding style handle for user friendly controls.
  • Non-marking, wrap-around bumper protects wall and furniture.
  • 6″ unmarking wheels are dustless and noiseless while moving.
  • Strength, durable and rustless aluminium alloy casting body.
  • Adjustable front wheel for suitable pressure to surface.

Floor Burnisher Special Features

  • Safety electric control switch for operator safety.
  • Automatic Breaker switch when unusual operation.
  • Plastic disc, non wood consist. Durable and sanitarily use.

Floor Burnisher Standard Accessories

  • 3M Instarlock Pad driver best matched with cleaning pad
  • 3M Pad imported from USA – Hi Speed Burnish for increasing crystal shine the surfaces