Single disc

BLINKO – Stone Crystallizer 175 RPM

BLINKO Stone Crystallizer Machine Sizing diameter 18″, the durable velocity gear drives utilizing 175 RPM 2.5 HP motor is developed from MAXO floor scrubber machine, improvement driven by new pressures and weight gain to support the stone surface. Machine can turn stone surface smooth and shiny than ever.

Stone Crystallizer Features

  • Extra thick, polymer coated handle – firm and reduce static electricity.
  • Adjustable starlock fully folding style handle for user friendly controls.
  • 4″ unmarking wheels are dustless and noiseless while moving.
  • Non-marking, wrap-around bumper protects wall and furniture.
  • Ultra quiet gear wheel system standing for heavy duty tasks.
  • Strength, durable and rustless aluminium alloy casting body.

Stone Crystallizer Special Features

  • 6 pieces gear wheel system standing for heavy duty tasks.
  • Extra strength front handle for convenience in moving.
  • Plastic motor cover for reduce heat and humidity.
  • Safety electric control switch for operator safety.
  • Plastic brush disc, non wood consist. Durable and sanitarily use.
  • 10 Kgs. removable weight gainer
  • 2.5 HP high power motor

Stone Crystallizer Standard Accessories

  • Scrubbing brush made of Hard Nylon (Poly-propelene) suitable for heavy duty cleaning
  • Pad holder Best matched with cleaning pad
  • 3M Pad imported from USA – Black Stripping for stripping the surfaces
  • 3M Pad imported from USA – Red Buffer for increasing shine the surfaces