Cleaning equipments

Floor Sweeper

Sweeper actually help to control dust as it sweeps. The Sweeper had actually has 2 forms of bristles. The hard bristles are a heavier polypropylene bristle that moves the heavier debris, and helps to control the dust that is being sweeped up. The soft bristles are great for sweeping indoor or outdoor surfaces. The bristles are attached to a plastic block that will not crack, warp, or mildew when used with water.

  • Aluminium alloy handle, high quality found, strong and durable, rustless, lightweight, and firm grip. 1.30 M. long
  • Plastic head. Durable and strong. Easy switch handle
  • Hanging end cap, easy to use and store
  • Nylon fibre (PP) High quality and easy to use. Available in 2 type
    • Hard Fibre (red/blue) Suitable for concrete,carpet and outdoor area
    • Soft Fibre (yellow) Suitable for general floor and indoor area